Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nacho Mama's Day Out-with TATER TOTS!

It's not often this mama gets a day out. So when I saw on twitter that my online friends Theresa and Beth were going to be lunching in Hillcrest? I just had to weasel solicit an invitation for myself. After all, the ladies were going to be in Nacho Mama's 'hood. And? They were going to be vlogging about the launch of their AWESOME new site SDMomfia. And? They were going to be joined by Aaron from He Said, She Said. AND?  It was going to be at R GANG EATERY!!! Which I have been dying to try since it opened but haven't because, as I said above, it's not often I get a day out. (Whew! That's a lot of links for one paragraph, no?)

OK, so I totally horned in on their awesome mommy lunch. But it was worth it.

First of all, even though we all live in the same town, and all write for Theresa's site Rock On Mommies, I've never met the ladies in person. We tweet each other all day long, but there is a singular thrill that comes from meeting the face behind the twitter-handle that is difficult to convey unless you've actually experienced it. Let's just say that the web is waaay to small to contain the ferocious divinity that is Theresa and Beth. Now with Aaron I had some idea what to expect, having seen his hilarious webisodes. He did not disappoint and yes boys, he is even cuter and sweeter in person!

Speaking of cute-our menu was personally selected for us by R Gang's a-dorable chef, Rich Sweeney. Who was recently on a show called "Top Chef" - perhaps you've heard of it? He is also mas chulo in person. How lucky am I? 

So there we were, enjoying the gorgeous Hillcrest afternoon and gabbing away with Theresa's webcam capturing it all. They brought us cocktails. In honor of Nacho Daddy (who's real name is Todd) I'd ordered the Hot Toddy. It was absolutely delightful-like I was drinking in the warm Hillcrest sun.
Aaron ordered the Gingerbread Martini-which had a little Gingerbread Man drowning in it! If you want to save him, you have to drink really fast.
The cocktails made us even more talkative. Until the food came. Then the silence was deafening. Where to begin? First there were Tater Tots:

Then a spinach salad with duck and duck confit Tater Tots (even now I have to pause for a moment of silence):
Then? A scallop Po' Boy with some of the tastiest fries I have ever had.
(For my fellow weight-watchers, I figured I took in about 35 points with this one meal alone! But, that's what our new Points Allowance is for! And I had the other half of the sandwich for dinner. It was so worth it-for the company and the food!) 

Other food highlights at our table included Mac & Cheese and also Chicken & Waffles. Back when Nacho Daddy and I lived in New York, we'd get chicken and waffles in Harlem, and R Gang's might be better than we had back in the day (gasp!)

And the BEST thing we had? It's on the wall in the photo behind us.
Chef Rich Sweeney, Theresa, Me and Beth (Aaron took the photo)
No one asked me to write this review. But I had such a fab-you-luss time that I just had to share it with all of you. If you live in America's Finest City, or are visiting (perhaps for the holidays?) I hope you'll stop by R Gang Eatery. Be sure and check the chalkboard for new menu items, since Chef Rich likes to mix things up. You moms will be glad to know that it's SO kid-friendly. And you weight-watchers will be glad to know you have some place to spend those extra points!

Wishing you love with extra cheese,
Nacho Mama


Aaron said...

Was so great meeting you & glad you came with @Rockonmommies & @Hipmamab - see, it's only 9AM and now I'm already hungry for some tots. Thankfully, there's a Tater Tot Scramble on the bRunch menu at R Gang...think I might just have to head over there for a little nosh. Thanks for the review and being so darn adorable!

Nacho Mama said...

Aw, thanks Aaron! I forgot they have brunch on Fridays-darn! Looking forward to seeing you again soon. :)

HipMamaB said...

GREAT meeting you too! OMG, let me tell you that I haven't been hungry since Wed. GD those chicken n waffles.... NOMNOMNOM