Monday, January 17, 2011

Nacho Mama's Retro-Enchilada Challenge!

Seems like I'm all over the blogosphere lately (and I haven't left my house in days!)

When Mimi, of 1972: The Retro WW Experiment, challenged the rest of us bloggers to try out a recipe from Jean Nidetch's original Weight Watchers plan-I couldn't resist!

So I broke out my finest vintage Pyrex casserole dishes, rolled up my sleeves and took on Jean Nidetch's retro-Enchilada recipe. It was Jean against Me. The results? You'll have to head over to Mimi's blog to find out, but here's a little preview...
Groovy, baby.
Wishing you love with extra-light cheese,
Nacho Mama


San Diego Momma said...

Extra-light cheese?

That's not love.

EXTRA cheese. Not THAT'S love.

(And both those look delicious. I would like to have.)

Nacho Mama said...

lol! I must admit it felt a little weird adding "light" to my usual signoff! Generally, I'm not a fan of light cheese, but you reminded me to mention that I used the light cheddar from Fresh & Easy-it's yummy and melty, unlike most light cheese. Thanks so much for your sweet words! :)