Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Are Blog Years Like Dog Years?

Ahh-the life of a blogger. I'm very, very grateful that you all stop by to check in with me here and at Rock On Mommies and San Diego Momfia.  My favorite thing, though, is learning about all of your blogs! Blogs have truly enriched my life and I love hearing everyone's point of view.  

One of the best "Bloggy" events I've gotten to attend recently was "Spa Social"-an evening at La Costa Spa with 199 other lady bloggers.  First of all, I ADORE La Costa Spa. The spa amenities there are second to none. And the food!

Me & Joey (@joey_hendrix, my partner in mediamonarkey.com) enjoying our champagne and Kobe beef sliders-Ahhhh!

But the best part by far was hanging out with my bloggy besties and meeting new fabulous ladies and their blogs.  The first question we all asked each other was "How long have you been blogging?" Some had only been live about a week-others, like me, have been at it for quite while. I noticed that an answer of 2 years or more garnered a respectful "Oooooooh..." I also noticed that I had trouble remembering just how long I have been blogging. My stock answer that night was 3 years. A venerable number, to be sure. But was it accurate?

Turns out, I was waaay off!

As I mentioned before, I've had several blogs over the years. As I tried to remember exactly when it all started, it seemed like everytime I came up with a "first"blog? There was one before it I'd forgotten about. After a little excavating I have finally determined that I have been blogging for at least FIVE YEARS. Which in blog years? Means I'm eligible for the Early Bird Special at Sprinkles.

I had TOTALLY forgotten that my first foray into the blogosphere was on <cough> myspace. And, if I remember, it was only after relentless coaxing from my friends that I tried it at all. My first post is no longer there (though my profile has not yet died from neglect) but it was something along the lines of "Ok, fine. HERE'S my blog. Happy now?"

 Ok, so the joke was totally on me. 

I know at least one of my favorite bloggers, Bitchcakes, started out on myspace too. What about YOU? Did you have some bloggy-babysteps before plunging into the brave, new blogosphere of today? Care to share the link? Hmmmmm???

Just to jog your memory-here's one my myspace posts from way back in 2006!!! It's an oldie and a moldie-enjoy!

Wishing you love with extra cheese-

Nacho Mama

Form versus Function....This time it's personal.

Today I present an object whose claim to design fame leaves me deeply conflicted.

Yes, it is a brilliant, irrefutably practical design. From the humblest bedside table to the set of the Oprah Winfrey show, this object is there for you when life throws you a curve ball. It relieves you of germs, tears and...other things.

Such an object should be exalted in every home, no? And yet, this noble servant of man is often the first thing hidden from view when the camera snaps or when company calls.
Why? The reason is simple: Like a beautiful woman with no dress sense, it's form is simple and elegant, but it's appearance is hopelessly frumpy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you
The Kleenex Box.

Your home's Glamour "DON'T".

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