Monday, June 13, 2011


I had so many questions about the Skecher Shape-ups I purchased as part of the Ross Dress for Less Challenge, that I thought it warranted it's own post. I've been wearing toning shoes for a few years now and am happy to report that they've not only come a long way in looks, but they seem to be more effective than ever.  I've been wearing 3 styles lately, from 2 different manufacturers. Here are my thoughts on all of them:

Reebok Easytone "Go Outside" Training Shoe

1. Reebok Women's EasyTone Go Outside Training Shoe OK, I admit it, I bought these simply because they were so much cuter than the Skecher Shapeups! But after much wearing I can tell you that they are SUPER bouncy and comfortable.  They retail for pretty much the same price as Skecher Shapeups (around $100) and you can also find them at Ross or on Amazon for much less. The big difference between these and the Skechers is that, after a full day of wearing the Reeboks, I really feel the toning primarily in my legs. I especially feel the back of my thighs getting a workout with these shoes (hope that's not TMI). I love them but find them too tiring to wear 2 days in a row, considering the amount of walking I typically do in a day (at least 3 miles). I think that's a good thing, though!

Reebok Easytone Flip Sandal

2. Reebok Women's EasyTone Flip Sandal I don't know about you, but there are days I just don't want to wear lace-up shoes! I LOVE these flipflops, also from the Reebok Easytone line. The ones I have are black with a cute pink sole and bottom. I bought these over other brands (Skecher and Fitflops, namely) not only because they were WAY more flattering, but also because they were more comfortable. I found the Skecher and Fitflop version to feel much more stiff and clunky than the Reeboks, which have the same bouncy sole as the Easytone "Go Outside" trainers. Like the lace-up version, I feel the toning primarily in my legs, but the toning is a little more gentle. I can wear these sandals 2 days in a row without any fatigue. Again, at $60 retail, they are competitively priced with other brands and you can easily find them for less on Amazon or (if you're lucky enough to find them!) at your local Ross.

Skecher Shapeups!

3. Skechers Women's Shape Ups - Fitness Sneaker While I feel, like many of you probably do, that these are the least "cute" of all the toning shoes, I must concede that they are by far the most effective. When I wear these shoes I not only feel toning going on in my legs, like with the Easytone shoes, but also in my glutes and abs. These are also extremely comfortable, enough for me to wear all day long with a great deal of walking. I try not to wear them 2 days in a row, though, just so I can also wear the Easytone. They retail for around $100, but I found mine at Ross for $40. You can also find them on Amazon for around $60, or even less depending on the style.

If I could only have one toning shoe? It would still be the Skecher Shapeups. I had one of the first versions of this shoe (which I think I bought for $70?) and this version, though more expensive, is WAY more comfortable and provides better toning.

I hope that was useful-I really love my toning shoes and highly recommend them in general. There are a lot of great brands and styles out there, but these were the ones that worked best for me.

Happy Walking!

Wishing you love with extra cheese-
Nacho Mama

Disclosure: The Skecher Shapeups mentioned in this post were gifted to me by Ross, the other shoes were purchased by me. The above is my honest opinion.


Living in La La Land said...

I like the Reebok's they look great compared to some of the other shape up shoes!
Great review!!

Margo Porras said...

Thanks! Yes, the Reeboks are actually pretty cute and extremely comfy! They came in other colors too :)