Friday, July 29, 2011

Comfy, Chic style for EVERY SIZE-Jockey P2P Fall 2011 Collection is AWESOME!

Hi everyone! I'm still trying to get back into the groove after my whirlwind trip to Chicago. Yes, I was there during "the storm" but I didn't let the lightning and flash floods dampen my spirits! I was there to check out some serious fashion so that I could come back and share all the goodies Jockey Person to Person is offering this fall with YOU.

So what did I see? Many stylish ladies of all shapes, sizes and ages losing their minds for this new collection!

I'm going to just jump right in to the BIG news of the fashion show: Jockey P2P now has JEANS. Let's all just pause for a moment, here. O.M.G! The Jeans. Where to begin? Like everything else in the line, they are comfy, soft and have 4-way stretch. The professional models in the runway show could not stop talking about how much they loved them-and these were women who could wear any jeans on the planet. Believe me when I tell you that I saw 70+ year old, size 18 women who looked HOT in these jeans, ok? They come in 2 styles, Classic Bootcut and Modern Straightleg, which pretty much covers every bodytype out there.
Jockey P2P Classic Bootcut Jeans, $78
Jockey P2P Modern Straightleg Jeans, $78
My other favorite item? The AVIATOR JACKET. So chic! And sooooo comfy too. This is a jacket that you could wear ANYWHERE. I had to have one! It's made from bonded fleece (which makes it uber-soft) and is machine washable. What?  That's right, Nacho Mama does NOT do "Dry Clean Only"! I know I'll be reaching for this jacket again and again this fall and winter.
Jockey P2P Aviator Jacket, $169
Jockey P2P is definitely about "value dressing" - EVERY SINGLE PIECE in the collection is extremely versatile and can be worn a number of ways (like the Modal Cardigan). This gives you tremendous bang for your clothing buck and helps us all look fabulous whether we're sitting in a business meeting or chasing our kids-or grandkids!

One of my favorite pieces from last year's collection was P2P's Little Black Dress which, like the cardigan, can be worn dozens of ways. THIS season they've given us this stylish "wardrobe workhorse" in RED! Perfect for the holidays. It is as hard-wearing as it is soft and comfy. I'll be wearing it several different ways at Blogher-you'll just have to wait and see!
Jockey P2P Convertible Dress in "True Love" (also avail. in Black), $95
And here's a video that really showcases how brilliantly designed this dress is, just imagine how cute all these looks will be in RED!

One of the things that most impresses me about this new collection is how well the designers, Sunil Ramchandani and Maria Rosenthal, have integrated new textile technology. I adore this "burnout" fabric; soft enough to be called Jockey and totally on the cutting edge! It comes in an elegant cowl-neck top for $52.00 and a more casual hoodie for $59.00. Like most of the line, it is available in sizes XS to 3X.
Jockey P2P Burnout Cowl-neck top, $52 (also Marrakech Turquoise and Pink Scarlett)
I also loved the colors! Of course, Gray is HUGE this fall and "Black is Back" but color-blocking is still a big trend and the Jockey P2P Fall color palette is really fun to play with. I especially love this turquoise/teal, called "Marrakech Turquoise"-
Jockey P2P Ruched Turtleneck in Marrakech Turquoise, $62
And this RICH pink, almost a raspberry, called "Pink Scarlett"-
Jockey P2P Tie Tank in Pink Scarlett, $59 and Crepe Jacket (yes, it's machine washable!) $98
Last but not least, I was THRILLED to see my beloved Modal Convertible Cardigan back in the Marrakech Turquoise, the Pink Scarlett, Black, and this AWESOME Gray and Black stripe!!! Que Rockstar, no?
Jockey P2P Modal Convertible Cardigan in Black/Graphite Stripe, $82
I can't believe it, but in Chicago I actually learned MORE ways to wear the Modal Convertible Cardigan! Did you know it can even be worn as a SKIRT? REALLY! Check out this cool video with Jockey P2P Designer Maria Rosenthal as she demonstrates more ways to wear this versatile, cozy piece in it's new Fall 2011 colors:

Can you stand it? Jockey is also providing me with a 10-piece wardrobe for Blogher. From these 10 pieces I can create 10-16 different looks! These pieces will take me from the seminars to the lunches to the fanciest of parties next weekend, all for well under $50 an outfit . If you're coming to Blogher,  I hope we get to meet just so you can FEEL MY CLOTHES! Seriously, I will not be at all offended if you ask to try on my jacket or touch that burnout fabric.
Gracias Jockey P2P!
I absolutely adore this company! The clothes get better with every season and they've been so wonderfully supportive of me and all their Comfort Specialists, from it's Founder, Debra Waller, all the way down. PLEASE LIKE JOCKEY PERSON TO PERSON ON FACEBOOK to get their updates and see fun new ways to wear their pieces.

You can click HERE to see the complete Fall 2011 Catalog online, but you really have to try the clothes on for yourself to believe them. Contact your local Comfort Specialist (especially if she happens to be me) to schedule a Jockey P2P Trunk Show or Personal Styling Session.

See you at BLOGHER! Please be sure and look for me-I just might be the cutest blogger there. I'll definitely be the COMFIEST!

Wishing you love with extra cheese-
Nacho Mama

Disclosure: I was sponsored to attend Blogher 2011 and view the debut of the Jockey P2P Fall 2011 collection by Jockey Person to Person, for whom I am a Comfort Specialist. The above is my honest, personal opinion and does not reflect the views of anyone but me, folks.


Dariela said...

Very cool Margo! Looking forward to seeing your outfis!!

Unknown said...

Love this Margo - great blog, as always!

Margo Porras said...

Thanks ladies! I've got to try and remember to take photos of each of us who'll be wearing Jockey P2P, my guess is it'll be pretty surprising how accessories and shoes are going to make us all look very different!

Ana L. said...

So I had NO idea Jockey made all these cute clothes. I was totally still in the undergarment mode. OOPS!!
I love, love the red dress and the cardigan. So curious to try the jeans.
Can´t wait to touch...errr...see you at BlogHer!

Aurelia Flores said...

Can't wait to see/touch your clothes at BlogHer and would love to learn more! Awesome styles...

Margo Porras said...

Thanks ladies! Can't WAIT to see you at Blogher!