Friday, September 30, 2011

Nacho Mama's "Pie in the Sky"

If there's one food I love more than nachos? It's pie. I honestly can't think of a pie flavor I won't eat with gusto. By far the biggest threat to my diet plan come Thanksgiving isn't the turkey, the mashed potatoes or the stuffing-it's the pie.

But this year? I'm gonna eat all the pie I want without feeling guilty. In fact, I will feel AWESOME! Okay, maybe I won't actually eat all the pie I want, but I will definitely BUY all the pie I want (and maybe just taste a little of each one) because this year I AM SELLING PIES FOR MAMA'S KITCHEN! No, not "Nacho Mama's Kitchen"-Mama's Kitchen here in San Diego.

What's Mama's Kitchen?
Mama's Kitchen has been around since I was in high school, at the height of the AIDS scare in the late 80s. Back then the paranoia was so out of control that people thought you could catch HIV just by sitting next to someone on a train or using a public restroom. It was so bad that some patients with HIV were actually dying from malnutrition, not AIDS, because it was so hard for them to get help they needed. Mama's Kitchen was started right in my own neighborhood to help bring nutritious meals to patients with HIV. Today they serve over 1300 patients (and children of patients) living with HIV and cancer. Many of the cancer patients are moms with breast cancer who have young kids. These women are too sick to cook for themselves, let alone their children, and the meals they get from Mama's Kitchen make all the difference. The staff and volunteers of Mama's Kitchen prepare and deliver 3 meals a day to their clients (remember there are over 1300 of them!) all over San Diego County.

Want to help? I knew you would! Here's the fun part:

BUY OUR PIES! Or join our team and become a seller yourself-click the image to learn more.
  Every fall, Mama's Kitchen holds it's "Pie in the Sky" campaign. The best bakeries in the county prepare delicious pies that you can order for your Thanksgiving table and pick up at your local Wells Fargo (San Diego County only). My sister bloggers at San Diego Momfia and I have teamed up for one whopper of a bake sale! You can read more about it HERE.  Our goal? To sell 6,200 pies by Thanksgiving.  Each pie costs $20 and buys this much food:

Just ONE PIE can feed a sick person or their child for THREE DAYS
PLUS a hot meal for an HIV/Cancer patient or the child of a patient. That's enough food to feed that person for three days. From just ONE PIE, folks.

Isn't it wonderful to know your Thanksgiving pie can make a real difference someplace other than your thighs? If you don't live in San Diego County, I hope this will inspire you to help end hunger in your community. If you DO live in SD County, I hope you'll order your pies from ME! You can order your pies from my Mama's Kitchen PIE page at:

And the person who orders the most pies from me? Gets a PRIZE! So get ordering please!

NO-the prize is not the pie hat!

Wishing you love with extra cheese on your APPLE PIE!
Nacho Mama

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