Friday, February 17, 2012

When worlds I love collide: My Mama Lola, Mama's Kitchen, Richard Simmons and COUPONS!

I am about to have SUCH a "full-circle moment"!! (btw-do any of you miss Oprah as much as I do?) I know I spoke to you all about Mama's Kitchen before Thanksgiving. Remember this?
I think this pie looks SO much better on my head than on my rear, don't you?
Mama's Kitchen is a WONDERFUL organization here in San Diego that provides healthy meals to HIV & cancer patients and their children. I've been donating food to Mama's Kitchen for many years and was proud to pariticipate in their annual pie sale last fall. seems Mama's Kitchen heard tell of my passion for coupons via my podcast on Blogtalk Radio. Apparently, they have a long time donor (a man) who has been couponing food donations for Mama's Kitchen for ages.  Folks, I have been challenged!

That's right,  I will be participating in a coupon throwdown to help benefit Mama's Kitchen. This challenge will be televised locally on KUSI-TV this coming Thursday (2/23) throughout the morning from 8-10am.
Mama Lola opening a Christmas tablecloth I decorated for her.
Mama's Kitchen always makes me think of my abuela, Mama Lola, who always encouraged us to find creative ways to help others. I cherish the memories I have of spending weekday afternoons with her, when she would take a break from her housework and settle down with me to watch General Hospital (which she called her "stories") followed by The Richard Simmons Show. She used to giggle at me trying to exercise along with Richard, I miss her giggle so much!

As most of you know-I'm a Youtube junkie. So imagine how thrilling it was for me to find this clip from the old Richard Simmons Show about COUPONING!! I don't know about you, but I was astonished at how relevant his closing remarks still are.

I love you Richard! And yes, I am going to do these "Grocery Cart Exercises" to train for my big coupon challenge on Thursday AND I will even wear my beloved Richard Simmons tanktop that day. Keep an eye out for me, San Diego!!

If only Oprah were here.

For more info on how YOU can help Mama's Kitchen, please visit

Wishing you love with extra cheese-
Nacho Mama

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