Thursday, July 19, 2012

DARE TO BARE ARMS? YES I DARE! (Part 2) #DoveBeauty #Spon

Since last week's post about my adolescent "arm issues" I've been thinking a lot about those days and how I let a completely unfounded insecurity hold me back from enjoying myself and being comfortable during the hot summer months. I wish I could go back in time and tell that girl to take off her jacket, for Pete's sakes!
Freshman year me in 85 degree heat!

Even as recently as last summer, I felt uncomfortable about baring my arms. It was partly because I still felt self-conscious about my perceived "dark spots" but it was also because I felt like I was really out of shape. Some of you may remember that I danced in the notorious Blogher Flash Mob (aka "Operation Glory"). What you don't know is how hard it was for me to keep up with the rest of those ladies! I practiced for weeks and it took everything I had to make it all the way through that routine with a smile on my face. I wanted to look as good as I possibly could (since I had a feeling there might be cameras, ahem) and while I so LOVE the outfit I wore that day, whenever I see the photos I can't help but remember how sweaty I got in those 3 minutes because I'd chosen to dress like this to dance in San Diego in July:
I look hot, but I felt HOT! (photo by Manny Ruiz)
That's right, I wore heels too! That's how I roll. But I've done a lot more dancing since then and I know I could breeze right through that routine today.  Go me!
We must, we must....tone those ARMS!

OK, now about those supposed "dark spots"...

You know how sometimes you have some small thing you don't like about your body and you think you're the only person on earth who has this problem and then you find out you're NOT? That happened to ME!

One of my favorite things at the 2012 Hispanicize Conference was the "Dove Beauty Lounge". We got to sit with a dermatologist and get all of our most embarrassing skin questions answered. Plus they were offering something called "Armpit Facials". WHAT??? Of course I had to check it out!
Chatting with the Doc in the Dove Beauty Lounge, Hispanicize 2012
I was led to a massage table where an aesthetician cleaned, exfoliated and moisturized my armpits. I know that sounds weird but it was awesome! Then she applied a new product called Dove Clear Tone Deodorant and explained that it would help to lighten the dark marks that are caused by irritation. In other words, shaving. In OTHER words-LOTS of people have this problem besides me! I couldn't believe it! I scooped up as many samples of Dove Clear Tone as the nice aesthetician would allow and starting using Dove Clear Tone that very day!

That was April and now, after several months of  working out, light weight-lifting and using Dove Clear Tone, my arms are finally camera ready! I have actually noticed a difference, my skin looks much more even now (btw-even though this is a sponsored post for Dove, please know that they didn't ask me to mention this product at all but I honestly really like it and have not used any other deodorant since April). That's why, when my birthday rolls around in a little over a week, I am DEFINITELY DARING TO BARE MY ARMS. Yay! I'm thinking of wearing this little red number:
I am BRINGIN' the summer heat!
I hope you don't let your body insecurities keep you from enjoying your summer-learn from my mistakes, ladies! Show the world how gorgeous you look in those sleeveless summer fashions-we all have a right to BARE ARMS!

Wishing you love with extra cheese-
Nacho Mama

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All the opinions expressed here are my own.

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