Friday, December 7, 2012

REVIEW: Dear Santa, please can I have a Nissan Pathfinder?

Pretty cool for a "mom car" right?
Hi everyone! I was so lucky to get the chance to check out the LA Auto Show this week (it's still on through tomorrow) and see the new Nissan Pathfinder. My family is planning to buy a new car in 2013, we'll be going from 2 cars to one, so I was very interested to see what the Nissan Pathfinder had to offer!

My first impression of the Pathfinder was that is was:
2. Not ENORMOUS looking
3. Loaded with Storage, Media and tons of other fun stuff!
You can test drive the new Nissan Pathfinder at the LA Auto Show through tomorrow!
While my family does need a vehicle that is a multi-tasker (like me) I'm just a not fan of the behemoth SUV. I really like the size of the Pathfinder and I was stunned to learn that it seats seven. SEVEN!
Since I not only have to cart around my family, but also small pieces of furniture (in my design business)-I LOVED how much room there was when you fold the seats down.
I was SUPER impressed by the pretty interior (what can I say? I'm a sucker for pretty) and the GPS in the dash was actually big enough to clearly read! Don't you just hate when you need reading glasses to see the GPS? Am I the only one?
Yes, I can definitely see myself behind the wheel of a new Nissan Pathfinder. Maybe Santa will bring me one, when he sees how happy I look in this car!

For more info on the new Nissan Pathfinder, please check out their facebook page HERE or follow them on twitter @NissanPathfindr @NissanEspanol 
Wishing you love with extra cheese-
Nacho Mama
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