Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I can only be SO camera-ready!! #braindump

Hello everyone!
Hope you are all extremely well.  I am trying to keep it together in the middle of a sweltering heat wave. I do NOT do well in the heat, fabulous ones. It makes me pretty unpleasant to be around (at least, that's what I hear). But I've got to get it together because I've got BIG stuff going on this weekend!

I've got to be CAMERA-READY. Or, more specifically, INTERNET-CAMERA-READY. 

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook (or listen to my lately-sporadic-and-glitch-plagued podcast) you might have seen me mention that I've been developing a BIG video project for about a year. It's been a dream of mine since the mid-90s to work on an interior design show with tips and advice that real people can actually use. That's a loooong time to dream of something that in a nutshell, is not this:

And NOW, this weekend, a very talented team of folks and I are actually going to shoot said show! SHOOT! SHOW!!

There's still so much to do! I did manage to lose some of the weight I gained in April (go me!) by following Weight Watcher Girl's One Week Challenge, so I feel a little more confident about going on camera than I did a couple of weeks ago. Not that that has EVER stopped me. If you've seen any of my personal Youtube videos you know I'm not one to keep something off the web just because I was puffy that day or my bra strap was showing. But since THIS project actually involves other people, I do feel a certain obligation to "keep it classy". Or maybe I should channel my inner Joslyn Fox and "keep it foxy" (wah-wah). Yeah, maybe that.

We've all worked hard to come up with ideas we think you'll find fun and helpful. Nevertheless, with the shoot coming up, I'm having a hard time keeping my cool-especially since it's still 85 degrees in my house at 9pm. Seriously?

So please light your virtual velas for me, people. Or cross fingers or whatever you can do to bring the thermostat down before Saturday so we can make sensational videos for you to love! And watch!

And while I'm asking, if YOU have any design questions you'd like me and my brilliant co-host Kevin to address, don't be shy! You can leave them in the comments here or, if you are shy, you can email them to me at shesnachomama@yahoo.com with the subject line "VIDEO".

Though, let's be honest, if Lynda Carter suddenly decided to open her heart and her wedding album to me? I would totally drop all my plans and shoot THAT. Because WONDER WEDDING, am I right?

Stay tuned and keep it foxy (wah-wah)!

Wishing you love with extra cheese-
Nacho Mama

PS-"Lancaster on Parade"? Way to bury the lead, WIVB!


Kay Jay said...

Just started to listen to your podcast..I love it!! I am starting to blog. May I use you line Weightloss Project?

Margo Porras said...

Thank you, Kay Jay! Yes, of course! :)