Monday, June 30, 2014

So many Fitbloggin posts to write! But first...A GHOST PHOTO?

Hello everyone!
As I write this I am tanned, tired, sore (both from all the workouts AND the long drive and flight) and I have SO. MANY. POSTS. to share with you!

Fitbloggin was, of course, sensational. And Savannah is absolutely beautiful. I had lots of time to explore the city on foot and I took LOADS of photos and video that I'll share both here and on the new design blog (coming soon!). 

Those of you who listen to the podcast know that one of the things I was most looking forward to was the GHOST TOUR we took on Thursday night (I'll write more about that later). I didn't see any ghosts that night (?). When I was exploring Savannah on Saturday afternoon, though, I found myself right in front of 432 Abercorn St., largely regarded as the most haunted house in Savannah. 

NOW LET ME SAY, even though I totally believe in ghosties, when I walked all around this abandoned home I felt...nothing. Absolutely nothing. In fact, I felt pretty peaceful and happy, there was a lovely breeze and the house had some really beautiful architectural details. As I walked around the site, I noticed that I could see the sunlight streaming through the pretty stained glass above the front door through a window on the side of the foyer. I snapped a lot of photos, trying to get a clear picture of the design. I even posted one on instagram saying, "View of stained glass over entry door to 432 Abercorn. No ghosties, though. Least as far as I can tell."
This is how the photo went up on Instagram, with most of the lower right window pane cropped out.


When I came home and reviewed my photos? I THINK I CAUGHT A GHOSTY! Did I? Judge for yourself. The following photos were NOT edited, cropped, filtered or enhanced in ANY WAY. I've simply put the raw images side by side.

So what do you think? Here's the "Ghosty" pic with JUST an HD filter added.


For the record, I showed this to my family and NO ONE could see what I think is a girl looking down through the lower right pane in the window. "You know, the brain automatically looks for human faces in stuff," says my husband, "I'm sure it's just the combination of the angle and your over-active imagination." 

I'm willing to accept his theory. But COME ON, THOUGH! Here's the raw image one more time, zoomed in on the "ghosty".
This is from the same image that was posted on Instagram, btw

What do YOU think? Did I catch a ghosty girl? If I did, I choose to believe it's a friendly ghost, since I never felt "spooked" in any way while I was there.

Stay tuned for more stuff (that I actually have proof of) from my trip to Savannah for FITBLOGGIN!

Wishing you love with extra cheese-
Nacho Mama


Toledo Lefty said...

I don't see it but I am willing to believe you. My earrings kept launching themselves out of my ears and yet, I didn't lose one, which suggests supernatural involvement.

Ghosts or no, it was fun hanging out with you!.

Kimberly Whittaker said...

I don't see it... and I am kind of happy I can't cause then I wouldn't be sleeping for a few weeks. lol. I didn't go on any of the ghost tours at FitBloggin since I get easily scared. lol

I believe you if you see it though!

Paula said...

I see it! Emily caught something similar. The house we went to didn't feel scary. I thought it was bogus until I heard the audio!