Thursday, December 11, 2014

New VIDEO: Activelink 2.0 Review

Hello All!
Just a ridiculous amount of movement.

How are the holidays treating you so far? I can't believe how quickly it's all going by! I was shocked when I logged onto Youtube and saw that it's been almost SIX WEEKS since I last uploaded a video. And the podcast? Not since October 17. (I'm working on the next one, no worries!). It didn't seem like that long, but then I started getting "Are you okay?" messages from some of you, so I guess it has been that long.

Construction continues around here and we are puppysitting this guy...

til New Year's. So I guess I kind of lost track of time.

MANY of you have been asking me to post a review of the Activelink 2.0, so here's a video.

The ONLY things I DON'T like about the new Activelink are:
1. It still doesn't count steps. It really seems like it wouldn't have been that hard to add that feature, but maybe I'm wrong.
2. There STILL is no way to share my "Activelink Day" on social media! I've have been begging for this on Twitter since the original Activelink came out. Maybe for the next upgrade?

All in all, though, I really love the new AL. I think we're getting a WHOLE lot more for our money than with the first one, and I thought the first one was the bee's knees.

ALSO-not mentioned in the video but FYI: until 12/20/14, when you JOIN WW and purchase a monthly pass, you will receive the new AL 2.0 device for free! If you are an existing member and monthly pass holder, you will be able to purchase the device for only $24.95. 

If you're reading this anywhere but, then you are reading stolen content, my friend. Please don't support thieving cochinos, just get this stuff from the source at!

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