Saturday, July 16, 2011

Countdown to BLOGHER-It starts with the hair...

I am SO excited about the Blogher conference! Somehow having it in my own hometown makes it extra special. Of course there's the seminars, and the parties-but what I'm looking forward to most is meeting the bloggers I've been following and chatting with for years. If you're coming to Blogher, you've probably noticed that the conference chatter always leads to "What are you going to wear?"
If you read my previous post, you know that I'll be wearing Jockey Person to Person, since they're sponsoring me to attend Blogher.  I don't know exactly what I'll be wearing yet, since my wardrobe is coming from the Fall Collection which becomes available only a few days before the conference. SUSPENSE! This has made it a little challenging to plan very important things like shoes and jewelry, so I decided to start with the hair.

I get a lot of questions about my hair! I guess short hair is still pretty unusual? I went short about 12 years ago because I have a TON of hair and when it was long it 1. Gave me headaches and 2. Never dried. When I lived in the NYC metro area I got my hair cut at Bumble and Bumble in Manhattan (which was awesome) but after we moved back to San Diego, I had a very hard time finding someone to tame the mane. One day I was flipping though a fashion spread in San Diego Magazine and I loved the hair on all the models, so I looked up the stylist and made an appointment. And that's how I found Lisa.
Lisa @Saylula Salon (I designed that desk!)
No one else has touched my hair with a sharp implement in over 9 years. I never tell Lisa "I want you to..." because frankly? She knows about hair and I don't. I completely trust her to do her thing. I've followed her to at least 4 different salons, including her own, Saylula, which we designed together.

I'd put off getting this haircut for aaaaages, mostly because (if you follow me on twitter you know) I've had a very busy summer! My hair is out of control-let's just say I've been wearing a lot of hats! Here I am before:

And here I am after:

Is this the hair style I'll be sporting with my Jockey P2P? You'll have to wait for the tweets to find out!

Thanks Lisa, you're the BEST! If you're in the SD area and want an appointment with Lisa, just contact her at 619-702-6592 or email her at

Are YOU coming to Blogher? If so, I hope we can meet!
Wishing you love with extra cheese-
Nacho Mama


Kelly said...

WoW! What an amazing difference! If I was in San Diego, I would definitely be calling her. I have the hardest time finding a stylist I can trust. I still need to make my own hair appointment before BlogHer - on the to do list for tomorrow! LOL!

Margo Porras said...

Thanks Kelly (on behalf of Lisa, cause it's all her!) hope to meet you at Blogher!

Yvonne Condes said...

I love it! That's so funny that you posted this today. I just emailed my friend/hairstylist and asked her if she can do my hair.

Margo Porras said...

See? It's important! Looking forward to seeing you here in my town :)

Ruby said...

Seems like everyones changing their hair right before blogher... i'm missing out If I wasn't too afraid of cutting my long thick hair i'd probably take you up for an appointment with Lisa Anyways Hope to meet you at Blogher!

Margo Porras said...

LOL! To be fair, it's very much the same style I had before. It's only that I waited a criminally long time between haircuts! Looking forward to meeting you IN PERSON!