Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful for Milk can Soothe the Savage Mami! #Positivisimo

We all know that some warm milk seems to have a magical calming effect on our kids, yes? But I recently discovered that milk works it's wonders on Mamis too!

Like many of you, I have been running around like crazy, shopping, cooking and making crafts like these...

Now, while I LOVE shopping and cooking and crafting, somehow doing it all with the added pressure of company and kids who are not in school (and are instead in my hair)-I find myself going just a teensy bit loca.

The last couple of days it has been pouring rain and my kids have some serious cabin fever. I finally got my toddler to settle down last night with some warm milk-whew! But this morning when I looked around at my MESSY house and started to think about everything I need to do before Thanksgiving? Let's just say I was cranky enough to give my 2yo a run for his money!

I managed to stop myself *just* before I had a screaming tantrum and realized that if warm milk could work on my son, maybe it could work for me too! When I was a kid my Mama Lola used to make me a nice hot mug of cafe con leche in the afternoon. So I got out my largest "Latte Love" mug and whipped up some ccl. Then I went OUTSIDE to calmly sip my yummy, soothing beverage and enjoy the silence and fall foliage.
I feel better already!
It worked WONDERS! I was ready to take on cookies, napkin rings and turkey hands to beat the band!

But first? I think I'll whip up some Mexican Hot Chocolate for the whole family. :)

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Wishing you love with extra cheese!
Nacho Mama

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