Tuesday, June 5, 2012

NIFTY THRIFTY: Unicorns are pretty.

Because of my career as a professional interior designer, many of my friends and acquaintances expect my home to be filled with expensive designer goods from posh boutiques in Beverly Hills. While that may be true of many of the homes I've designed for my clients, my own home is filled with items only a Nacho Mama could love. Yes, I have a Danish Papa Bear chair in my livingroom, it is the perfect accompaniment to the $150 vintage sofa I rescued from a consigment shop, thank you.
Thrifting in LA, inspired by one of my fave landmarks, CHICKEN BOY!

I just ADORE consigment and thrift shops! Most of my favorite items in my home are super bargains scored on my many thrifting excursions. After much deliberation, I've finally decided to share some of them with you in a NEW Gently Used series I'm calling NIFTY THRIFTY!

First up-this wonderful gem purchased for (I think) four dollars at the same consignment store where I got my sofa. I call it "Unicorns Are Pretty."
Just so you understand what you're seeing: A ceramic er, sculpture(?) of a Mommy unicorn and her baby mounted on a background of coordinating scraps of suede in a wood and burlap frame. That's right, it's a symphony in mixed media!

"Unicorns Are Pretty" occupies a very prominent place in my livingroom. I can't look at it and be in a bad mood at the same time! I'm totally not kidding.

OK, maybe it's not for you, but it sure makes me happy.

Stay tuned for more NIFTY THRIFTY treasures from Casa Nacho Mama-I've got TONS of this stuff!

Wishing you love with extra cheese-
Nacho Mama

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