Thursday, August 2, 2012

What I found when I was looking for a laugh...#IStillLoveLucy

THANK YOU again to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes you all sent, posted and tweeted to me last week! And again, a muy big thank you to Cynthia of Fat Girl Escapades for orchestrating our birthday workout with Richard Simmons-you're the best! (you can read Cynthia's post about our adventures HERE).
Cynthia loves Richard almost as much as I do!
So far my first week of 39 has been pretty good! Sticking to my health and fitness goals and getting lots of family time in. Go me! The last 24 hours, though, have me needing a good laugh.
So, as I often do, I turned to the retro-comfort of Youtube. I found this awesome clip from the 1978 Lucille Ball Roast:
Do you LOVE it?! How about that GOWN? What a class act!

When all else fails, you can always count on Lucy and Viv to get you to giggle. I also unearthed this amazing COLOR footage (NOT "colorized", mind you) of a classic episode of "I Love Lucy"!!! It was taken by an audience member during the taping. ALL my life I have fantasized about what the Tropicana Night Club looked like in living color and now, FINALLY, I know!
It looks AMAZING.

I hope I get a chance to recreate that look, somewhere, someday....sigh.

I feel so much better now, and it was even calorie-free (though I must admit, seeing the Tropicana in living color makes me want a mojito real bad)! Do you hit Youtube when you need a laugh? I hope so!

Wishing you love with extra cheese-
Nacho Mama

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Cynthia Martinez said...

the fact you put me in with Lucille Ball ( my idol since I was 2) just made my whole freaking year!