Friday, October 5, 2012

Bedtime Ritual for One Night of the Year #Positivisimo #Spon

As I mentioned last week, bedtime rituals are a pretty big deal in our house. There are baths, stories, a glass of milk-maybe even lullabies. But there is one night of the year where it all goes out the window, HALLOWEEN!
Halloween, 1976
My mom would always make sure we'd had a GOOD, nutritious dinner and a tall glass of milk before we hit the streets. She used to say it was to "coat our stomachs", but I think it was her secret weapon to help us get to sleep after all that candy! She usually made our costumes, like the one in the photo above-I was Witchiepoo from H.R.Puffenstuff. Yes, I am that old-lol!

Even now, Halloween is the one night of the year that we skip our regular routine. There's still a good dinner and a glass of milk to prepare small tummies for the candy onslaught. There's still a story, but it's a spooky one, like "La Llorona" or something involving the Cucuy. It's fun to shake up the routine for just one night out of the year-especially since, we moms know, it's always going to end the same way.
Before seatbelt laws-passed out in the backseat on Mom's Pinto

Do YOU shake up your bedtime routine for Halloween?

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