Sunday, March 10, 2013

I've missed you! But for the best reason.

You might have noticed things have been a little quiet around here lately. See, I decided to really devote a great deal of attention and energy to making the final push toward my weight goal. I'm ready to learn how to maintain, already! So I postponed a lot of blogging, even the podcast, and after 3.5 years and much struggle,well, let's ask famed soccer announcer Andres Cantor how today's meeting went. Andres? So...I'll be back here a lot more often, starting with a special edition of the podcast this Thursday at 12:30pm PT. Which reminds me, have you all sprung forward? Wishing you love with extra cheese- Nacho Mama


Julie Holmes said...


travlnbard said...

That is great! Best of luck on your maintenance.

Margo Porras said...

Thank you so much, ladies!