Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weighin' In (at goal) PLUS a local Weight Watchers Event

OK, this week was a challenge.
I'm sure they missed me, too! (image via wikipedia)
I ate out almost every day PLUS cocktails, cupcakes AND a visit to the pub-and that was before "All You Can Eat Candy Day" (Easter). Yes, I indulged in chocolates with almost as much abandon as I indulged in The Real Housewives (which I'd given up for Lent-oh, how I missed them!).

This is the first time since hitting my goal weight that I truly felt I was "flying without a net". I made sure to get in all my healthy checks, though, plenty of fruits, veggies, water and activity. But I can't lie to you, I was really white-knuckling it when I went to weigh in on Monday morning. I normally weigh in on Sundays but because of Easter I not only had to weigh in AFTER all that candy, but at a different location-which usually spells bad news for me. Like many Weight Watchers, I am extremely superstitious and HATE to deviate from my established weigh-in routine in any way.

So you can imagine how large that exhale was when I saw this!

This week has already been much, much easier! Hope you all stick to your plans and make your goals this week. Remember your worth and step away from the candy. I've been singing this song ever since I walked out of the Mission Valley Weight Watchers center...
When I hit Lifetime, this is totally the song I'm going to play before my monthly weigh ins!
Speaking of the Mission Valley Weight Watchers center (see how I did that?) April is LIVE LIFE ACTIVE month at Weight Watchers! Here in San Diego they're celebrating with special events every Saturday in April at selected locations. On April 13 I've been invited to share my weightloss story and get everybody moving with a Zumba demonstration! I'll be at the Mission Valley WW at 12:30pm. Even if you can't make it to my session I hope you'll participate in a Life Life Active event at your local Weight Watchers! Here's the flyer for the San Diego events.
Wishing you love with extra cheese (See? I'm still the same!)
Nacho Mama

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Anonymous said...

You were very brave to weigh in on the Monday after Easter. Great weigh in!