Saturday, December 14, 2013


My Mama Lola opening the Christmas tablecloth I made for her, ca.1980

Can you believe there are only TEN shopping days left til Christmas? I can't.
I haven't even put my tree out yet. Guess I'd better get on the jingle bell.

I've been getting SO many emails and messages from you all, asking about Weight Watchers' new SIMPLE START innovation (stay tuned-there will be a podcast forthcoming!). I've also gotten a ton of messages from people who are NOT on WW, asking for gift ideas for the special Weight Watcher in their life. So...I thought it was the perfect opportunity to put together a GIFT GUIDE!

Please note: I WAS NOT CONTACTED BY ANY OF THE MANUFACTURERS MENTIONED, nor was I compensated in any way for recommending the following products, nor do I stand to make a SINGLE CENT if you buy them. I just really think they're cool!

1. WEIGHT WATCHERS COLLAPSIBLE SILICONE MEASURING CUPS! Until now, you could only get your hands on a set of these if you bought the Member Success Kit at $39.95. I love mine and use them ALL the time! So I was thrilled when they went on sale on their own this week. Available at Weight Watchers centers and meetings nationwide, at $4.95 they're the perfect stocking stuffer!

2. WEIGHT WATCHERS "Veg Power" COOKBOOK. If, like me, you have vegetarian Weight Watchers in your life, THIS is the perfect gift. Available at Weight Watchers centers and meetings nationwide, it's only $9.95 and is chock full of yummy, vegetable dishes and gorgeous photos.
3. RICHARD SIMMONS PROJECT HOPE-Have someone who is just starting their fitness and weight loss project? You can't put them in better hands that those of Mr. Simmons. And by "hands" of course I mean "jazz hands". This set of NINE workouts will get ANYONE dancing, smiling and sweating with the legend himself AND his students from Slimmons (including a certain blogger). The entire package retails for $59.95 and is available at

4. BOBBLE WATER BOTTLE - Who doesn't need to get more water? When you're a Weight Watcher it can be hard to get those 6 servings of liquid in every day. Especially if, like me, you live in a place with drinking water that is frankly repulsive. I bought myself a Bobble water bottle with it's built-in filter for my trip to Fitbloggin this year and it's been by my side ever since. Available in a variety of sizes and starting from $8.95, you can buy these just about everywhere, or on Amazon.

5. WEIGHT WATCHERS SERVING/MEASURING SPOONS - I finally threw out my set of the very first serve/measure spoons WW ever sold. They were HIDEOUS, blue plastic and said WEIGHT WATCHERS in huge letters. Not exactly the sort of thing you'd want to put on your holiday table! This newer, sleeker version is gorgeous, practical and discreet and stainless steel. Available at Weight Watchers meetings and centers nationwide.

6. AIR POPCORN POPPER! Recently I came to the conclusion that microwave popcorn is a racket. You pay $4-$5 for a box of four bags containing about 2 tablespoons of kernels each, could spend $22 for an air popper and $1 for ONE POUND of kernels in the bulk section of your local health food store. See how quickly it pays for itself? I got mine on Amazon. Remember, POPCORN IS A POWER FOOD!

Hope these ideas have sparked your imagination - I'm sure the Weight Watcher in YOUR life would love to get any of these gifts. Especially if that Weight Watcher is YOU!

Wishing you HAPPY HOLIDAYS with extra cheese-
Nacho Mama

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Toledo Lefty said...

Those new measure/serve pieces are beautiful -- I'm still using my white plastic ones.

I love my air popper -- like you I use the Kernel Seasons (white cheddar is my fave) to jazz it up.

Loved the "jazz hands" comment...

Feliz Navidad!