Monday, July 7, 2014

PODCAST! EP#59 Our annual FITBLOGGIN RECAP SHOW w/Brooklyn Fit Chick!

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Yep, it's that time of year again...time to do the podcast where we break down EVERYTHING that went down at this year's Fitbloggin, otherwise known as "WHEN MARGOS COLLIDE".
Fitbloggin: the ONLY conference big enough for both Margos
Once again, Margo of Brooklyn Fit Chick and I discuss ALL things Fitbloggin 2014: the sessions, the food, the drag queens and yes, the ghosts (it was Savannah after all).

Maybe you weren't there. Or maybe you were there and couldn't take advantage of EVERYTHING Savannah and Fitbloggin had to offer. But between us, WE COVER EVERYTHING. Well, almost everything. We left out the lunch with RunDisney. Getting to meet running legend Jeff Galloway (some Fitbloggers even got to run with him!). We left out the flash mob.

And the fact that I FINALLY got to meet Fat Girl VS World (spoiler alert: the fat girl wins).

Here's just a teeny peek at what went down.

-Follow Margo's adventures at Brooklyn Fit Chick

-Check out Margo's AWESOME Youtube Channel!

-The Fitbloggin site: learn how to attend next year and read liveblogs from past sessions

-Liveblog of Margo's Fitbloggin session!

-Liveblog of Sue and Steve's "Tough Love" session

-CLUB ONE (the legendary drag home of the Lady Chablis)

-Send Club One some twitter love!

-The Pink House

-Learn more about Jim Williams (the central character of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil)

Can you tell we had fun? Dang, now I want fried green tomatoes.

Wishing you love with extra cheese-
Nacho Mama

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Kay Lynn Akers said...

Hi Margo, I really enjoyed the podcast. It was fun to hear a recount of things I didn't attend.

I also loved The Olde Pink House. The fried green tomatoes there were the best!

Margo Porras said...

Thanks Kay Lynn! Can't WAIT to see you again in Denver (if I don't see you before)!