Monday, August 27, 2012

Stop! Look! Listen! and MOVE!

Happy Monday everyone!

Last week in my Weight Watchers meeting, the topic was about how the unhealthiest habit that most of us have is NOT moving. One thing that has really struck me since I started using the Activelink is that, even after following the plan for all these years, I am guilty of long periods of sitting still! When I see that bar graph at the end of the day, it's all there in black and white (well, green and white).
This week, we talked about how small steps can add up to big results. So I've made it my goal to try to reach my baseline of activity by noon at least 3 days this week. That means coming up with new ways to fit in extra movement everywhere I can. How have I been doing this?

Well, for starters, while I'm typing this I'm also tapping my feet together over and over again! When I'm lying in bed reading at night? I'm also getting in some reverse crunches. I'm even doing leg lifts while doing the dishes.

All this extra movement reminds me of the old Jack Lalanne show. It was  still on when I was a kid, but I enjoy watching older episodes of Jack's show on Youtube-he was so ahead of his time and such a positive person. If I had been a housewife in the 1950s, I would definitely have worked out with Jack EVERY day! I love how he talks right to you and how passionate he is about MOVING OUR BODIES. He sounds just like my Weight Watchers leader today.

Watch this video and do some "Trimnastics" with Jack for a few minutes. See if YOU don't feel better!

I just love that ballpark organ, and the way he tells the ladies to "put down that coffee and put out that cigarette." And he sure can fill out a jumpsuit, can't he? He must have been doing something right, he lived to 96!

Let's all have a great week and find some ways to sneak in a little more MOVEMENT, what do you say?

Wishing you love with extra cheese-
Nacho Mama

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