Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer fun and eats! How was your weekend?

Happy Monday everybody!

Well, it was a real scorcher here in San Diego! I know, I know, a lot of you live in the South and on the East Coast and are thinking, "Boo-hoo! You don't know what hot is, lady!" It never gets as bad here as it did when we lived in Boston or New York, but since we've been back in San Diego for a few years now, I've become a bit of a weather wimp. I even had to break out my Mexican muu-muu...
Does anyone remember what these dresses are really called? I'm drawing a total blank...
This weekend we packed in a TON of summer fun! The kids' godfather was visiting from New York, with his boyfriend and his brother. They rented an adorable little cottage on Mission Beach and we spent the entire weekend playing in the water, digging in the sand and catching up with each other.

I could hang out here all day...
The water was perfect for swimming and boogie boarding! I hadn't been boogie boarding in years, I completely forgot how much fun it is! I wore my Activelink in the ocean water too-it worked just great. We lingered on the beach for as long as we could, since the kids' godfather had to leave early Sunday morning. We had a delicious and healthy late dinner at California Kebab and Beer Garden in MB, with a great view of the fireworks and lots of good options for your vegetarian friends.

Unfortunately, even though our dinner was super-healthy and "low-pointsplus", I did eat very late (after 9:30). Which meant that when I went to weighin at 8am the next morning? I was up a pound. But I had a perfect week on plan, with plenty of exercise and FUN, so I'm sure the scale will be a lot kinder to me next week. After Weight Watchers, it was time to get down to business, I hit the Mexican supermarket to stock up on fruits, veggies and meat for the upcoming week. I pretty much buy all my non-coupon items there, like these....
What a deal!
I LOVE cactus pears!!! I am seriously hooked on these this summer (I prefer the green ones). If you've never tried one, I can't recommend them enough. They kind of taste like a cross between a kiwi and a watermelon. Just trim off the ends and peel before eating.  You can even find them in the Weight Watchers database under "Prickly Pears"-a yummy zero-pointsplus treat. At my neighborhood big-chain supermarket, they sell cactus pears for $1.79 each. Which is LOCO. Escpecially when you live somewhere where they grow like, well, cactus! My Mama Lola used to grow these in her back yard and we would pick them all summer long. As you can see from the photo, the Mexican supermarket sells cactus pears (called "tunas" in Spanish) at 99 cents for TWO POUNDS. That's more like it!

I couldn't help but smile when I saw this watermelon-the perfect symbol of my beautiful summer weekend!
I heart sandia at Gonzales Northgate Market!
How was YOUR weekend? Are you enjoying the outdoors with your friends and family and taking advantage of all the beautiful summer fruits that are available right now? I hope so!

Wishing you love with extra cheese-
Nacho Mama

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