Sunday, January 20, 2013

REVIEW: Weight Watchers Simply Filling Technique

Did you ever have anything in your life that you just knew you would hate, but then when you actually got around to actually trying it you discovered you were TOTALLY wrong?


Yeah, that's me.

If you've been following me on twitter or listening to the podcast, you know that I've been struggling with a muy annoying weightloss plateau since Thanksgiving. I tried the "Wendie Plan" and that worked....once. But I've basically been playing around with the same pound for about 2 months. So about 2 weeks ago, I went whining to my long-suffering leader, Cathy.
Have You Met Jean?
This is what Jean thinks of my bad attittude (image via @retromimi)
She suggested I try Weight Watchers' "Simply Filling Technique". Gulp.

In all my 12-plus years of following Weight Watchers, I've always been a "count every point" kind of a gal. I never tried CORE on the old plan and, to be honest, whenever Simply Filling came up in the meetings I totally tuned out, devoting the time to daydreaming about As Seen On TV products I was interested in trying. But Cathy's awful smart and well, I was desperate. "OK, already! I'll give it a try, but if I don't like it..." Since I didn't have an end to that sentence I figured I had to actually do it.
She likes it! Hey, Margo!
So here's what I LOVE about the Simply Filling Technique:
1. You still get to track everything you eat (Yes, I said get to. I'm a HUGE fan of tracking!). Many people, however, like to do Simply Filling and only keep track of how many of their 49 weekly points they've eaten. But I like to KNOW what I've been eating, so I'll still be tracking everything!
2. It's isn't about TOTALLY cutting out carbs and starches (Did anyone else think that besides me?).  MANY carbs are designated "Power Foods" (i.e. "Free") that you can eat until satisfied such as: whole wheat pasta, brown rice, potatoes and oatmeal. You can even have 2 slices of reduced-calorie bread without deducting it from your 49 weekly points. Yes, you can have a sandwich every day on Simply Filling!
3. You are also allowed 2 teaspoons of healthy oil per day, any oil beyond that gets counted out of your 49 weekly points. This is always the hardest Good Health Guideline for me to meet-somehow not having to "pay for it" out of my WPs makes it SO much easier to remember!
4. You don't have to become a recluse. You can still eat out. Just make choices that contain as many Power Foods as possible and count everything else out of your 49 weeklies! I ate out twice each week I've been doing the Simply Filling technique.
5. Like the name says, it IS Simply Filling. Since switching to this technique I have NEVER felt hungry!
So have any of you tried Simply Filling? I'd love to know your thoughts. I don't think I've ever had such big losses back to back in all the years I've been working the WW lifestyle. I certainly hope you'll consider giving it a try, I have no idea why I was such a big baby about it for so long!
Wishing you love with extra FAT-FREE cheese (it's a Power Food!)-
Nacho Mama


jen said...

Congrats on the weight loss! It sounds like they made some changes since I last tried Core. I was a mean, mean person on Core.

I do hate fat-free dairy, though. I like lowfat just fine.

Lynnea said...

I've been a WW'S member since the late 80's....used it to lose my freshman 60, then baby weight from 6 pregnancies. Last year I needed to lose baby weight again so I joined. My leader suggested Simply Filling, but I balked at the suggestion. I LOVE bread...and pastas, and potatoes!! When she told me those were included, I decided to try it. I lost 35 lbs...and became a receptionist last month. I eat healthier than I ever have and feel so much better. Like Jen I can't stand fat free cheeses, but I don't mind counting those.

Margo Porras said...

Thanks Lynnea and Jen! Yes, I am just loving this newest version of the plan. And Lynnea-congratulations on becoming Lifetime! I can't wait to be a receptionist myself :)

Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama said...

congrats on your weightloss! I am terrible at tracking, but I need to do better. I am currently on the WW online program but I am not sure if this is available, I surely have to check it out! Thanks so much :) Oh! And I am visiting from the fitbloggin page, see you in Portland!

Margo Porras said...

Thanks Nellie!
Yes, Simply Filling IS available on the WW online program, just poke around the website a bit, I'm sure you'll find it. Can't wait to meet you in Portland! :)

sam bruce said...

Congratulations that you finally found a technique that suits you, maybe from the name itself I think that its the simplicity that made it work.

Kayla Scroggins said...

I am also doing the SFT and enjoying it so far (although I am not even through the first week). I am a little confused though about it. I read in one place where you can only have one serving of brown rice, potato, whole wheat pasta, etc. a day, but after that you have to count the points?

do you know if this is correct?

Margo Porras said...

Hi Kayla-
As far as I know, that is incorrect. I know you can have 2 slices of "reduced calorie bread" without having to count it, but you could have the bread at breakfast, a baked potato for lunch and brown rice with dinner and you shouldn't, I believe, have to count that. At least, that's the way I've been following SF. Thanks for stopping by!