Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oh Mama! Reader submitted #VIDEO

I just love reading all of your comments and emails-they really make my day! This past week I was stressing out a lot trying to plan the "perfect" birthday party for my son. I thought it might be fun to go to Mission Beach here in San Diego, where they have a great playground right next to the water, but for some reason I had this nagging feeling that Mission Beach might be a terrible idea! But WHY?
Sure, it's a great car, but what's on the roof?
Then I got a very sweet email from reader Mark Nevin in England (really? Wow!) with a video of a song he wrote he wrote for his wife called "Oh Mama!" - he said he hoped it would put a smile on my face. It did! Not only because I loved the song and the video, but because it helped me remember what was bugging me about having my son's birthday party at Mission Beach! Check it out:

Isn't it awesome? I was chuckling the entire time, because I've done so many of the things the moms in the video do. And THAT'S when I remembered!
File:Mission Beach-San Diego-California.jpg
Mission Beach. Image via Wikipedia
When my sister was about the same age as my son, my mom planned a HUGE birthday party for her at, you guessed it, Mission Beach. My mom was and is the kind of mom that insists on making everything from scratch; I remember she'd spent DAYS preparing all my sister's favorite foods, right down to the birthday cake made to my sister's very specific specifications. Then she piled us into the car with all the food, balloons, and decorations and made the 25 minute drive to Mission Beach. Just as we were approaching the freeway exit for the beach, my sister shreiked, "MY CAAAAAAAKE!!!!"

I turned around just in time to see her beautiful, homemade birthday cake explode all over the I-5.

That's right, my mom had put the cake on the roof of the car while she'd buckled my sister and me into the backseat, then drove away. How the cake made it for 25 minutes at top speed is still a mystery!
Thanks Mark Nevin for the memories! And yes, we decided to have my son's party at a neighborhood park instead, no need to get on the freeway!
Wishing you love with extra cheese-
Nacho Mama
PS-Please don't tell my mom that I served Weight Watchers "soda cake" at the birthday party!

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