Sunday, September 9, 2012

You can be Mary, I'll be Rhoda #Hiya

File:Mary and Rhoda 1974.JPG
Of course I loved Mary, but I'd much rather be Rhoda...(image via Wikipedia)

Rhoda Morgenstern: How can you gorge yourself and stay so skinny? I'm so hungry I can't stand it.
Mary Richards: Why don't you eat something?
Rhoda Morgenstern: I can't. I've got to lose 10 lbs by 8:30.

Happy Sunday Everyone! Hope yours is going as well as mine.  Last Sunday I was kind of bummed out after my Weight Watchers meeting, I had gained 0.6 lb thanks to a lethal combo of entertaining out of town guests (which is fun, but fattening) and my refrigerator being broken, which meant I was eating out EVERY DAY-YIKES!

But this week...

I got back to basics with the program and tracked everything. Even though my activity got sidetracked a little due to a couple of migraines (thanks, PMS! Wait, is PMS TMI? IDK!) I stayed on plan and got in plenty of fruits and vegetables. My reward, a one pound loss, YAY!
"Slender 'Rhoda's' Success Story" July 1975
After my meeting, I settled down to my usual post-WW treat of coffee and pan dulce. I decided to peruse one of my vintage copies Weight Watchers Magazine For Attractive People, this one with Valerie Harper on the cover. I've always been a huge fan of Valerie Harper and will always remember all the "fat" jokes she made at her own expense as Rhoda Morgenstern on The Mary Tyler Moore Show before losing "the weight" and getting her own spinoff, Rhoda (though I always wondered, "In what universe is Rhoda FAT?"). What I never knew until now, though, was how she lost "the weight". That's right, Weight Watchers!

I recently followed Valerie Harper on twitter-I don't follow many celebrities, just some of my faves: Richard Simmons (of course), Roger Ebert, Dolly Parton, etc. One of my favorite "tweeters" of all time was the late Elizabeth Taylor-she was fabulous! Anyhoo, right after breakfast I saw that I'd been mentioned in someone's tweet (and you KNOW how much I love that!)...
Thanks for making my Sunday, Ms. Harper!
It was from Valerie Harper! What??? Spooky. It was just like getting a punch on the arm and a "Way to go, kid!" from Rhoda herself. I imagined us hanging out, Rhoda in one of her trademark headscarves and me in something straight out of a fashion spread in Weight Watchers Magazine For Attractive People...
This spread is called "Fashions on Parade"- I'm pretty sure that flagbearer is looking down the model's blouse.
Because come on, even though Mary was practically perfect in every way, you know Rhoda was the better hang.

Wishing you all a groovy Sunday with extra cheese-
Nacho Mama






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