Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Goooood Evening....

Ready for tomorrow's CANDY APOCALYPSE? No?

Sometimes being a Weight Watcher on Halloween makes me feel like Charlie Brown. You know, EVERYBODY else seems to be able to enjoy all the sweets they can cram in their faces while you...get a rock.

I’m always being asked about my Halloween Survival Strategies, so I thought I’d share some (plus a few my members shared during the last week)so we can all be happy at the scale next week (and not just from a sugar high):

-DON’T BUY CANDY UNTIL HALLOWEEN. Trust me, this is America. You WILL be able to find affordable candy any day of the year, any hour of the day or night. I’m not sure, but it might be in the Constitution.

-ONLY BUY A LITTLE CANDY. Buy less than you think you’ll need. Then when the kiddies have cleaned you out, you’re out!

-BUY CANDY YOU DON’T LIKE. Are you a chocoholic? Buy sour candy. LOVE skittles? Buy candy corn (nobody likes that, or do they?)Can’t resist  ANYTHING sweet? Buy fun packs of PRETZELS.

- “BUT I LOOOOOVE TO SEE THE KIDS IN THEIR COSTUMES!” Guess what? There are TONS of adorable costumed kiddies ALL OVER YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD. Fix yourself a travel mug of low-pointsplus cocoa and get some Activity Points by taking a WALK AT NIGHT on Halloween. You’ll see loads of happy children, and maybe even earn enough APs to enjoy a mini-candybar with a side of smug.

SPEAKING OF CANDY...Wondering just how many points are in those tricky treats? My friend (and Boston area WW leader) Dani posted an EXTENSIVE list of Halloween candies and their pp+ values. READ IT HERE:

Wishing you HAPPY HALLOWEEN with extra cheese-
Nacho Mama

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Unknown said...

I bought candy yesterday at Target but I bought the Tootsie Roll variety pack -- one of the few things that doesn't contain palm oil:

I left them in my trunk even though Tootsie Rolls aren't my favorite, just to be safe.

Happy Halloween! I bet you have a great costume!